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fun facts

when i heard honest eds (a toronto institution) was closing it's

doors for good, it made me sad because i had so many childhood memories of it. before dollar stores were on every corner we used to go to honest eds. To preserve my memories, i designed this pillow.


a little history...

honest eds is a landmark discount store located in toronto, ontario, canada. it's named for it's proprieter, ed mirvish, who opened the store in 1948 and oversaw operations for almost 60 years, until his death in 2007. ed handed out free turkeys before every thanksgiving and christmas holiday (2015 was the last giveaway). sadly, honest eds will close it's doors for good december 31, 2016.

bye landmark!


the background on the urban cowboys pillow, is a photo of people hair salon in kensington market (kensington ave. & dundas st. west)

sadly it's since been replaced with a boring, plain old sign...

another cool toronto image gone!


a little history...

during the 1920's kensington market was known as the jewish market.

today it is a rich, mulitcultural mix filled with vintage and second hand clothing shops, a must see when visiting toronto.


this pillow is my homage to the cameron house. in the 80's my friends and i loved going to the cameron house to watch our favorite 

rockabilly legend handsome ned (may he rest in peace). so many fun memories! the outside of the cameron house has always been like a work of art with it's handpainted murals and oversized crawling ants. sadly this image is long gone now, but replaced with a cool new one! the rocking continues!


a little history...

the cameron house first opened as a working hotel in the early 1920's. since october 1981 the cameron has been a community-based space for music, performance and visual art. Blue rodeo, jane siberry, ron sexsmith, molly johnson and many other well known canadian musicians all preformed here early in their careers. 



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